Lending Services

This facilitates equitable circulation of information resources among all users.

Information materials borrowed on regular loan are all issued at the circulation  and user section.

Short loan materials are issued from the Circulation and User Section.

Lending Regulations and penalties

  • Only registered students of Rongo University and Staff are entitled to borrow materials.
  • All library users MUST produce their Student /Staff identification card before borrowing any information material.
  • Lost or mutilated information materials on loan will be replaced at the market cost of the information materials plus KSh. 500. processing charges.
  • Information materials borrowed on regular loan and not returned on the due date will be charged KSh. 5/= per day.
  • Information Borrowed on short loan and not returned on time will be charged Ksh. 5/= per hour.

Recall of Materials on Loan
The Librarian may recall any information material on loan from a user by notice which shall specify return of the same. If a user does not return the item as specified, he shall incur a fine of Kshs. 5 per book per day.